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Thread: massive weight loss story

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    massive weight loss story

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    Hi everyone i originally posted this on meet and greet but was told i was better off putting it here...

    First lets start by saying going primal is the best thing to happen to me besides renewing my faith to god but thats another story, anyway...

    Please forgive me in advance for the long story, but its something i went thru and i hope u enjoy the read.

    To give u an understanding of how much i lost here is me when i started, not sure how big i was(and i do regret not weighing myself, but i was scared) but talkin to ppl i think i was over 395 lbs. Unfortunately i dont have any images of me at my heaviest but its the closest one i got.

    Wearing a 5xl shirt almost 6xl, 58-60 waist line, it was very difficult to find clothes for myself. Now ive been big most of my life, in the 9th grade i was 275lbs and i never went down only up. At this time i was not even on SAD, it was strictly fast foods, maybe a liter of soda a day no sweat. Dont get me started on sweets, i can throw down a box of doughnuts in 10mins. Man looking back i dont know i how ate like that, lol. I came to a point in my life where i just got tired of all the loneliness and hard times of moving around huffin and puffin, hence the image of me smokin pot. My sleep was very scarey for ppl around me, other than the sound of a lion comin out of my mouth, the frequent not breathing was worse. So i decided to change.

    I wanted to start fierce and fast. Cold turkey on fast foods, especially soda. Only problem was i started way to fast, in the first 4 days i was running hard, after the 5th day, being that big i had a mild stroke. Come to find out i had mild angina in the bottom of my heart. So after the scare of that i gradually started walking, changed my diet. Eventually the weight was just coming off like crazy, adding in resistant bands maybe a lil jog here and there. I lost an estimated 150-175lbs in one year, with no help but my self motivation. Here is me at about 250lbs.

    Heh i was happy with 40lbs but f it, i kept it going. Since i was lookin good and feelin great, i started to get into the mode of "hey i went this far, lets see how far i can push", so i started a gym this is where my chronic cardio came in. So i went from one extreme of being huge to over working out myself to points of complete exhaustion. Which is fine if its every once in a while. I was at the gym 5-6 times a week going hard for at least 2hrs a day. Problem was my gym was the UFC gym over here and i hired a trainer, he taught me a lot about myself, mainly how hard i can push myself. It felt really great. Thing is i was with him only 2 days a week. I would train the other days by myself. To give u an understanding of what i did in one day of working out: 4miles @45min on the stairmaster, took a 5min break, did extreme HIIT session with kettlebells, burpees, heavybag throws (50lbs) and sprints, about 5min sets with 30secs rest, did that 4 times in a row. then to finish my day i ran 5miles doing starting at 6.5speed going up and down on speed to 11. Then i played golf since i work at a golf course and its free. Thats just one day! Well with all that cardio what else can i do to replenish my fuel, carbs central. My main source of carbs was of course wheat products, thing is i stayed at 191 pounds for 2 months stuck. No matter what i did even cut back on calories which was a bad idea, i used a calorie counter that u put on ur arm, it said i was burning close to 6k a day. This me at 191.

    Let me say being VLF/HC is very difficult if not impossible to reach that amount. Anyway i know its getting long, so heres the main point, since going primal about 4 months ago ive gone down to 161 pounds with 10% BF, im 5'11". I recently got skin removal surgery for the massive weight loss in december, so my skin isnt 100% healed as u can see and im not ashamed to show it, im very happy with the results. And i love being primal, grain-free, specially wheat, sugar-free. And love eating red meat and bacon and of course coconut, woot!! Specially not having to do massive amounts of cardio to achieve this.

    Thank you for reading my story i hope u enjoyed it. God bless and wish u guys the best of luck.

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    Holy crap.

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    that is nuts. Congrats. Now it's time to put some muscle on that frame!

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    Wow. Just... wow. You are amazing!!!
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    Truly inspiring. I want to share your story with anyone with "excuses". :P

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    wow. I so admire you for having the guts to make the changes you needed. well done.

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    You should be incredibly proud of yourself for the transformation that you've undergone on so many levels. You are truly an inspiration!! I bet you feel amazing (you look amazing!) and I'm sure your family and friends are happy to see you so much healthier!

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    Thank you everyone. Ya I feel awesome specially going primal. Sky's the limit now!

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    That is AWESOME! Great job, and keep it up! I keep scrolling up to the first picture and compare it to the last couple ones.. really amazing. Thanks for posting your story
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    You look AMAZING! Even better -- you look healthy and happy and free.

    Good for you!!

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