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Thread: Palm Oil is tasty!

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    Thumbs up Palm Oil is tasty!

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    I read a thread yesterday saying how palm oil has a bad taste. I was nervous to use mine for the first time last night after reading that.

    I cooked sweet potato slices and diced onion in virgin palm oil last night and it was so good! What a tasty way to fry up some sweet potato.

    I topped with salt and cinnamon.

    What other ways can I use palm oil?

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    I'm glad you like it and that it turned out good for you. I'l have to try your recipe; I've never tried it with sweet potatoes. I like it on greens (turnip, collard, mustard). I also like it as a salad dressing with some lemon/lime juice. I've tried it mixed in with yam (not sweet potato, for-real yam) and that is good too, but I don't do it too often since I don't like to eat high-fat + high-carb simultaneosly.

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