Ok I think Im on to something here but I'm not sure and need an objective opinion. Been primal/paleo for about a year. Going strong, but still dealing with sugar cravings. I'm thinking it's my job but idk. I'm a retail store manager, I work around 60 hrs a week-10 hrs a day x 6 days. Im in constant movement all day. I throw stock(stocking shelves and everything involved) and I do so at a VERY high rate of speed in short bursts. That is about 3 days a week. The rest of the week is lighter lifting and moving but it's constant over the whole day. I am very strict with my eating bc I have multiple allergies. So besides the obvious non primal offenders, I exclude fruit and most nuts. So I am on the lowest end of the carb curve. Ok! I'm wondering if my sugar cravings, which I do indulge in and last no more than a couple days out of every two weeks or so, are due to my job. I don't have time or energy really to exercise much outside of work besides some yoga and pull ups which I love. I weigh around 125 on a 5 ft 8 frame which puts my body fat at around a 6 or 7. Does this add up to anyone? I wonder if I just added in some more potatoes each day if this would curb the cravings. I really just dont feel well afterwards. Oh and my sleep is okay, I track it on my iPhone and average 7.5 hrs a night everynignt.