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Thread: Deeper Ketosis=more fat burning?

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    On the Ketostix bottle there is a color chart to compare your litmus stick to, and I was wondering if the darker the color means you are burning more fat.

    The chart is something like trace, small, moderate, large.

    If you have a large amount of ketones, does that mean you are burning tons of fat versus a trace amount of ketones means you are only burning a tiny bit of fat?

    Or, could it mean that if you have a trace amount of ketones, your body is burning some fat AND some carbs for fuel? TIA!

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    really it's not that exact... you can be burning a TON of fat, but if you're using it for energy and you're well hydrated, the concentration of ketones in your urine will be small.

    You can also be burning fat but not using much of it for fuel (if you sit on the couch all day) and if you're dehydrated the concentration in your pee will be greater and it will appear as if you're "deeper" into ketosis.

    Really, being in ketosis is what it is... the ketostix won't tell you much more than that.

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