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Thread: Not just a plateu - weight increasing!

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    It's only been a week. Give yourself some time - I would weigh in once a week, not multiple times per day. You'll drive yourself insane with water weight fluctuations. You might also lose weight in bunches, rather than in a linear pattern. For example, I would go 2 weeks without losing a pound and then lose 6 pounds in a single week. One thing I would caution against is lowering your calories. I'm 5'11" 185 lbs. and lost weight on 2,400-2,700 calories a day. At your height / weight you should be able to eat more than 1,700 calories a day and still lose weight.

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    Update: I was definitely over-reacting! This AM, lowest weight yet.

    Just getting all this encouragement and great advice helped me through whatever was going on.

    Conan, my average per Fitday is 2000 calories. Some days that 1700, some days more. The scale thing is as much as a sort of interest than a compulsion. As I told someone yesterday, "My boy boobs are almost down to training bra size!"

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    2,000 might be a little low given your height, but if it's working and you're not starving I would stick with it. Not sure how active you are but once you start working out you will definitely want to increase your caloric intake or you are going to be very tired and your workouts will be lethargic.

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    I have used this online tool to track weight. The "hacker diet" is a calorie in/calorie out program that which doesn't really work, but what I like about the tracking tool is that it uses a moving average for charting your weight as long as the average is headed in the right direction, life is good. the daily ups and downs aren't to be worried about.

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