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Thread: Cooking for one

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    Cooking for one

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    I must be the ONLY person on the board that needs a blueberry pancake recipe that only uses ONE egg. All the recipes are HUGE!

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    I think I might be the one trying to sneak in extra eggs/whites into your recipes lol

    I like making "pancakes" to eat eggs when I'm not in the mood for savory eggs. And leftovers reheat rather well as a snack (depends on the consistency you end up with)
    Last week I tried a coconut milk "pancake" batter in muffin tins topped with shredded coconut, delicious. I used the solids/cream from homemade coconut milk (ez to make) chilled in fridge, and stored the little pucks in the fridge to serve cold

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    I bet you'd really benefit from a single serving size slow cooker!!!

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