Hello! Week 4 of eating fairly primal but have some question's regarding my fitness. I love my BB workouts and have done p90x, insanity, and turbofire, along with running! Stearing away from those fitness programs is bothering me! the idea of it is getting better though! I am on week 12 of P90x, just the lifting and yogax. Through out these last weeks of changing things up, I have cut back to 5 days of working out instead of 6. Here is what I am doing and I hope someone can guide me to a way of making my workouts more primal.

sat: bike,walk,run(2-3)miles
sun: bik,walk,run(2-3)miles
mon: rest
tues: p90x upper body(warm up,workout,cool down)
wed: p90x yogaX
thus: p90x upper body
frid: rest

I am only getting cardio on the weekends(i am running a 5k soon), for 60-90 minutes.

since I started I have only lost 3 pounds and that only happen in the first week! I would like to actually experiance the 1-2pounds lost per week.

Any input would be appreciated.