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    Eggs can also be too strong for me. If you really hate them that much; don't eat them. IF you want to try them, I mix in just a few slices of potato and lots of other veggies like onions, tomatoes, peppers, some bacon and/or sausage and/or ham and cheese...if I'm going exotic I'll find the broccoli ham and cheese. But I rarely eat eggs plain...and the MUST be scrambled or perhaps hard boiled if in a salad...
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    I completely understand. I am in the same boat. I have a very hard time stomaching eggs. I can eat them in things as long as it doesn't taste eggy. It is not even a gross out thing, eggs just make me gag. If I do manage to get them down I end up with rotten egg burps for hours afterwards.
    About the closest I can get to straight eggs is a cheese omelet. I still can't eat eggs if my stomach is even a little bit iffy(I take medication that annoys my stomach-Thyroid hormone, it's not one I can ever quit taking). I do ok with custards and quiches as long as the dominant flavor is not egg. The funny thing is I can do fish for breakfast with no problems. I usually do leftover meat and veggies and maybe a piece of fruit for breakfast. If I'm feeling fancy bacon or sausage and veggies. I'm still working on breakfast variations that don't include eggs or have well disguised eggs.


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    Solution: don't eat them. They're certainly not necessary for health, just a convenient little package of yummy protein and fat for those of us who enjoy them.

    Meat and organs from grass-fed or wild animals are just as good.
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    My breakfast drink most mornings has 2-4 eggs blended in it. You can't see, smell, or taste them. I love eggs but find I can burn out on them if I eat them every day. The morning shake is an easy breakfast and I can change the flavors to that morning's preference. I like coffee flavor, pumpkin, berry, chocolate-coffee, coconut mango, etc.

    Start with just 2 raw eggs and add coconut milk or cream, and anything else. Blend really well with ice (or frozen fruit).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightlystarched View Post
    Start with just 2 raw eggs and add coconut milk or cream, and anything else. Blend really well with ice (or frozen fruit).
    I would only eat the yolks raw. Egg whites contains toxins which need to be cooked IIRC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grok View Post
    I would only eat the yolks raw. Egg whites contains toxins which need to be cooked IIRC.
    Second that, and yes, I eat them raw in homemade mayo all the time.

    I USED TO HATE EGGS TOO! I hated all the things you hate about them. I have learned to tolerate them well, and even enjoy them to some extent. My theory was this: a baby has to try something 10-15 times before you can actually tell if he/she dislikes something, and is not just rejecting something new. So I figured, same for me.

    Easiest way: medium boil eggs (if the yolk has a green edge around it - it is over done). Then, slice them up and mix them in with your salad. Start with one. You will hardly even taste them. I have learned that I like yolks this way and that the white parts are the parts that taste the strongest.

    Buy FRESH LOCAL eggs! It makes a major taste/health difference.

    Make homemade mayo with raw (only if fresh/local eggs) egg yolks in it (oil is olive, bacon fat, or coconut butter), and make some tuna fish with the mayo. Keeps for about a week in fridge. Make some chicken salad with it too.

    Then: move on to other egg dishes. I can't eat eggs plain. I have to cook them in ghee (2T), about three eggs, along with a saute mixture that I keep on hand (bell peppers, onions, squash, garlic, mushrooms), and warm a little up every day. I then eat one small bite of egg on a fork with some veggies on it to cut taste/texture. It works. So does tabasco. Or cheese if you do dairy (I don't).

    P.S. I can only stand about 3 eggs scrambled per breakfast. HAve some meat along with veggie mixture too (broken up sausage).

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    I am 54 years old. My entire life I have avoided eating eggs because they made me throw up. They really did, when I was three years old. My mother stopped offering them to me because it's not a lot of fun when your child pukes at the table. It's best to avoid having that happen.

    Several months ago, when I decided to eat low carb (which I did before shifting to Paleo), I was having trouble finding things I wanted to eat for breakfast. I realized that everything would be simpler if only I liked eggs. I decided to make myself an omelet. I would try it, and if I didn't like it the Airedale Terrierists would have a FABULOUS morning.

    Lo and behold, it was delicious!!!! I realized at that point that eggs were apparently amongst the list of things that my mother really cannot cook well (there are many things). I haven't looked back since. Farmer's Market Omelets are an integral part of my menu.

    I have always been a picky eater. Moving to a Paleo diet and lifestyle has resulted in me trying foods that I always dismissed as not being things I liked. I'm trying to eat locally grown, in season foods that I procure at the farmer's market. A side effect of this has been me learning to cook and eat new things. I'm really enjoying the adventure.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LizardGurl View Post
    I realized at that point that eggs were apparently amongst the list of things that my mother really cannot cook well (there are many things).
    ha ha holy krap! I honestly think that might be the reason it was so easy when i was a kid to say that i hated steak. Or stew. Or sweet potatoes. Or lots of things. My mother just isn't that great a cook. Some things she does fine (like the thanksgiving turkey). But honestly she doesn't even like cooking so i don't understand why she bothered. I think i started hating milk a lot b/c she couldn't tell if it was bad or not. So it really always tasted bad to me. I started drinking soda ASAP!

    lucky for me, at least she could cook eggs!

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    Thanks for the advice! I'll try some of these ideas. Probably start with the one egg in my salad mix idea first. I would like to like eggs, for the convenience at breakfast if nothing else. (A bagel was nice for that, before I realized how bad they were.) We'll see how it goes.

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    As a lifelong cereal eater, switching to eggs for b'fast was tough. I too couldn't handle the whole egginess of it all.

    But then in a fit of inspiration my wife added some organic tomato pasta sauce in with my scrambled eggs. Now I'm addicted. I can have them anytime. Last week I even enjoyed a great big delicious gogg (goose egg).

    So that was the key for me - adding in tomatoes.

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