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Thread: Gaining Muscle Weight, My Diet Plan

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    Gaining Muscle Weight, My Diet Plan

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    I am writing this to Inspire others, Get Advice & Put my Thoughts down

    I am:
    Height:5'10" Bench1RM:51KG PullUp1RM:60KG
    Weight:68KG Row1RM: 52KG

    My Goals:
    Weight: 75KG
    Bench1RM: 70KG?

    I am eating 2700-3200 Calories Daily:

    4 Eggs Scrambled [300C] w/ Two Table Spoons of Cottage Cheese + One Tin of Mackerel [200]
    + Tea w/ Double Cream [400C] + 25g Crushed Nuts [150C]
    Total: 1050C

    Chicken Wings or Thighs [400C] + 50g Cheddar Cheese [200C] 50g Mozzarella Cheese [100C]
    + 25g Crushed Nuts [150]
    Total: 850C

    300g Meat (Pork Steak/Minced Beef) [500C] + 25g Crushed Nuts [150C] + Double Cream [200C]
    Total: 850C
    Grand Total: 2750C (To add more I just have more Tea with D.Cream)

    So… I have 6 different sources of Protein + 7 different sources of Fat

    My Workout:
    Two time a week, Heavy Weights max 6 Reps

    _Any Diet Advice?
    _Are my Goals Attainable, and how long will it take, rough guess would be nice (I'm thinking 1st January..)

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    Add some vegetables for nutrients.
    Add some carbs for recovery.

    Why are you including so many servings of nuts? There are more nutrient-dense foods that you could eat for those calories, like vegetables with butter. Some nuts are okay, but what you have may be overdoing it.

    Don't forget to walk and sprint, and stick with the basic compound lifts.

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    Thank you jfreaksho

    I have cut down on the nuts and d.cream and replaced them with extra virgin olive oil, and extra grass fed butter.
    My veg consists of mushrooms and paprikas
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    1st Week Diet Progress

    My 1 Week Progress:
    My Weight: Was 68.8KG, Now 69.1KG Added: 0.3KG

    27th: 3200C
    28th: 2120C
    29th: 2660C
    30th: ?
    1st: ?
    2nd: 2700C
    3rd: 3100C
    4th: 2950C

    2 Heavy weight Compound Workouts

    _How many Grams or Oz of meat should I eat in a meal or over the whole day?
    _Is this good progress?
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    you can't tell within a week, especially just weighing twice, heck, 0.3kg difference could just be due to how full your colon was on a particular day. If you want to gain muscle, eat clean, eat lots, lift heavy, have patience.

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    Do Starting Strength. Eat more meat, more carbs, and less nuts.

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