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Thread: Alright, I’ve lurked long enough… =)

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    Alright, I’ve lurked long enough… =)

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    Greetings fellow Grokkers! Name’s Megan, I’m 29yo (and very aware of the impending Big 3-0), I live in SoCal (not too far from Mark hehe), and I’m currently carrying about 123lbs (~24% body fat) on my 5-foot-nothin frame. I found out about PB from a rather unlikely source (as apparently many of us do!), but once I reached, I was hooked, and happily so.
    I’ve been semi-Primal for about 2 weeks, which means that I’ve completely cut grains from my diet, eliminated as much “bad” fat as possible, and don’t even go near anything that looks remotely processed, but haven’t- and won’t- let go of dairy (sorry purists, but I loves me some cheese…). This wasn’t all that difficult for me, since I’d tried “low-carb” diets before (Atkins and South Beach, namely), but had the same problem that EVERYONE has with “diets” in general: as soon as I went back to eating “normal,” the weight came back, and then some. Talk about a vicious cycle. My weight was creeping up slowly but diabolically, from an okay 125lbs. to a more sinister 130 (when you’re only 5 feet tall, 5 lbs. is an entire dress size). On top of the insidious weight gain, I was having recurring digestive issues which appeared completely (seemingly) at random. After stumbling upon MDA and buying The Primal Blueprint (and tearing through it in a single weekend!), I found out what was causing BOTH problems. It all made so much sense. I immediately started my Primal change (just in time for the yearly Challenge too!), and WOW- what a difference. I’ve already lost 6 pounds, haven’t had a SINGLE stomach problem (and no embarrassing gas! =D), and I just feel so much better in general. I have energy that I didn’t think existed without an IV drip of caffeine, and the self-assessment in the Primal Blueprint Fitness guide showed me just how much time I’d been wasting at the gym trying to log miles and reps. It appears that the old adage “quality, not quantity” holds true in all areas of life, but most especially what we put into and how we move our bodies.
    Well that’s all for now, folks, but I’m sure you’ll see me lurking a bit more, and maybe even contributing to the discussions from time to time… =P Until then, Grok on!!!

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    Welcome, SoCal neighbor! As good as you feel now, it only gets better. Hope we hear more from you in the future.

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    welcome, welcome, so good to have you. but i cannot read this post with paragraphs piled on top of each other.

    keep up the strong efforts megan!

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    Welcome Megan...Glad to see another addition to the Clan:-) This is a wonderful place to be. Rock Out with your Grok Out!

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    5' 0" shawties, gotta represent!
    (Yeah, I know about 5 pounds being an entire dress size .... and being a grownass woman and having to buy jeans in the girls' part of the store because even juniors are too long. Do your jeans have glittery unicorns on them, too?)
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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    glittery unicorns... >D LOL fortunately no, they don't; looking like my 10-year-old daughter isn't exactly on my priority list hahaha =) i always buy short/ankle/petite lengths, and sometimes the reg length, but those are my special, heels-only jeans (hemming denim is such a PAIN O_O)

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    Just wanted to say hello and welcome ! I am only 2 days in myself and a fellow shorty (4'9") and I totally know what you mean about the 5 lbs.! Good luck to you

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    thanks for all the warm welcomes! and just for you, mrsgp101310: a pineapple. =)

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