I got VFFs for my bday and have loved them. No problems, and I feel like they make me a more efficient runner. Have been breaking them in slowly. Ran 1/2 mile in grass yesterday.

Wore my Brooks today (was giving my feet a day off from my V's), and my knee was screaming at me. I've been eating really clean, and keeping nightshades to a minimum. This is the first time my knee has bothered me in 2 weeks.

dilemma: do I get a brace & run my race this weekend in my Brooks and get a PR or try to go the distance in my Vs and not get a PR (since I would walk most of it, not quite running on hard pavement in them yet, but can run in Brooks)

I am running 3 races this month, and want to set a PR in all of them, but wasn't counting on my knee behaving like this in my brooks.