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Thread: Racing Shoe Dilemma

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    Went to 3 stores and none of them carried CW-X or Skins. One of them had underarmour, but only in mens (do they come in womens?)
    I ended up getting some calf compression sleeves. The moment I tried them on, the twinge in my Achilles vanished. I think we're set for tomorrow, and then I'll whine at hubby for some CW-x or Skins later
    --Trish (Bork)

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    The saucony a4's are awesome shoes. They are racing flats technically but racing flats are minimalist in nature anyway. Everybody likes new shoes so if your looking for something besides vibram

    I run my long runs in Nike frees because I mostly run on cement. It saves some poundig, plus They last a little longer than the a4s. The free runs took a turn for the worse this model year. The free 3.0s are still minimal but the free runs now Have more arch and a 9mm drop from heel to toe. The only thing still minimal about them is the flexibility. The 3.0s have a 4mm drop and little arch.
    Vibrams have a 0 drop and I think new balance minimalist shoe has a 0 drop....and saucony just came out with a..... Hirachi??? I think. Its just like the vibrant only the toes are not seperate. Looks like a nice shoe

    Quote Originally Posted by davem View Post
    Yeah, but, it's the internet, and I'm awesome.

    In the foot is hard for me to believe, in the tibia, I've seen. Cement is unforgiving, but I think with the right approach, you'll be fine. I've literally logged tens of miles.

    It's true, not natural for something to force a position, but I think it comes down to foot build? In my case, and the other person I talk about these things with, neither of us have any feeling of being seperated or squished together. I could see that though for someone who is always wearing shoes with a closed toebox.

    You mentioned as4, how are they?

    I think the aching heel issue will go away quickly, it lasted about 300 feet for me until I got onto a midsole strike, that's about 80% of it right there, no? I've been looking at the chi running stuff, but it doesn't seem too exacting. Then again, like I said, I'm a veteran of minutes of running.

    Totally, she'll be going places.

    I'm not a fan of the foam roller, but just as important is to address muscle imbalances, and hip flexibility. I had some problems with my lcl and mcl - the p/t was squats and hip stretches. It's definitely more than just running, if you want to run for a long time, no?

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