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Thread: Primalcon 2011 Omlettes

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    Primalcon 2011 Omlettes

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    Hi Everyone!

    To those who went to primalcon last year, did anyone else experience some upset stomachs? I am pretty sure the omelettes from the hotel were made with some kind of oil that didn't sit right, possibly vegetable, since everything else we ate was I'm sure great quality. Did anybody else get this? And if so, should we call the hotel and request large amounts of butter to be ordered and used in the mornings while we are there for primalcon 2012?

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again!


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    I felt fine, and would eat two omelets sometimes But I do vote yes on a butter request. Could be a challenging, as Mark tried to get organic eggs for our breakfasts in 2010, but was denied. With 100+ guests this time, we could make our voice heard I'm sure!

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    yeah...i am experiencing it..

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    I either burn one side or end up scrambling it.

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