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Thread: Cold. Primal cure?

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    Cold. Primal cure?

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    Went off diet for vacation, then holidays.

    Not proof of anything, but first cold I've gotten since going mostly primal last January.


    Wife trying to convince me that staying off diet till I feel better, and having the standard soup, noodles, and "comfort food" is good for me.

    Pretty sure that's the opposite of true, but honestly didn't have the energy to cook (or argue with my wife).

    Back at work today, and SO glad to be back to primal.

    Feel miserable.

    Any primal suggestions for when have a head cold?
    was thinking a fair bit of IF, and a big salad, kind of like usual. Except, something unappealing today about fish, and not looking forward to the veggies like I normally do. By product of being sick? Or just all messed up by the diet regression?

    Maybe try making soup? Broth and lots of veggies and chicken, just no potatoes/corn/noodles/poison?

    Any suggestions as to:
    1. primal foods for when sick
    2. fending off the "helpful" loved ones when sick
    3. super easy primal for when don't have the energy?

    Blah. Sneeze. Cough. Honk.


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    Tis the season for colds. I got my first one a couple of weeks ago and had not been off primal, so??? Get plenty of sun as the vit. D helps the immune system. The soup is a great idea - bone broth esp. (boil the whole chicken and add a bit of ACV (apple cider vinegar - ~1 TB) to help leach the good stuff out of the bones. NO NOODLES!!! Get some rest, drink some tea, hot showers feel good and can clear the sinus stuffyness. Best of luck - I know I felt like crap for a couple of days!

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    no, this is what you do

    you superdose with vitamin c, taking thousands upon thousands of milligrams

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    Well she's got one part right. The soup. Have her make you some beef and/or chicken stock from scratch. It helps. So does rooibos tea.
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Sleep, stock, D3 and IF if it feels right.

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