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Thread: Primal Blueprint for the physically challenged

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    Primal Blueprint for the physically challenged

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    My sister (sixtoesgirl) had many health problems as we were growing up. She suffered from asthma, allergies, and skin conditions. Because of her severe asthma she was not able to run or exercise which led to weight gain. Earlier this year, a friend of hers introduced her to PB. She has had phenomenal success and is now down to a size 6 last time we spoke. The best part is, she is almost completely off any Western medicines for her asthma and other health issues. She can now run!!

    Impressed with her success, I embarked on my own PB journey in July and bought the book and cookbook. Last year I had blood work done that revealed I am pre-diabetic. My doctor told me to start a diet of whole grains. Over the years, I have been handed multiple diets which contained a concentration of whole grains and never had success. After my sister told me to start following the laws of the PB, I have gone from a size 14/16 to a size 10. I was also having gallbladder issues which have gradually seemed to disappear. Oven roasted vegetables with some meat is now one of my favorite, quick meals! No more boxes from the freezer for this gal!

    In 1984 I was in a car accident which caused neck and back injuries. I had back surgery in 1997, and last year a neurosurgeon told me I would most likely need another back surgery in the near future since I have three more discs herniated in my back and signs of severe arthritis. My back and hips ached constantly. With the elimination of grains, inflammation in my joints has been reduced and my hips rarely ache anymore. My physical therapist told not to lift more than 10 lbs. Yesterday at the gym, I lifted a 20 lb. dumbbell and did curls without pain or leg numbness! I can't do the Crossfit or P90X-type intense workouts due to physical limitations. However, slowly but surely I am getting stronger and more fit by the day. I have energy and require less sleep, although I think some of my longing for sleep prior to PB was depression.

    I am now 45 years old and both of my daughters are in college. I only wish I had known about PB 21 years ago after I had my first daughter. Maybe I would have had the strength and energy to do more things with them. I constantly told them Mommy was too tired. At least I will be able to enjoy doing things with them now since my sister introduced me to PB. And this girl doesn't plan to have back or gallbladder surgery. I think the eating plan and fitness plan will ensure that I stay healthy for years to come! Thanks, Mark, and all of you other PB people out there!

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    Great story!

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    I wish all of the people who tell me "You know, I would, but it's just too hard" would read this.

    It's not hard. Living a crap life is hard. Constant pain is hard.

    Primal is easy.

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    Thank you for sharing your story. Another powerful reason to recommit to the program each and every day.

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    I'm proud of you, sis! I am so happy that you are feeling better!!!!

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