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Thread: Primal Journal: Phreebie rocks the Grok PB

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    Sunday, the last working day of my week. Diet was pretty good, with the usual HB eggs, almonds, apple and the chilli beef & veg I didn't have for lunch the day before. Breakfast was two pieces of left over chicken drumsticks from the night before and dinner I think the major (for me) calorie restriction yesterday, following the gorgefest did me good. Plenty of energy, and got an LHT done.

    Quite happy with the results too:

    Exercise==== Level==== Set 1 ====Set 2==== Target
    Pushup =====1.4 ======25 ======26 ======50
    Pullup ====== 2.4===== 15====== 15====== 15
    Squat ======3.4====== 50====== 50====== 50
    Overhead Press 4.4 =====15====== 15====== 12
    Plank Front ===5.4===== 90====== 45====== 90
    Plank Side=== 5.4====== 45====== 45====== 45

    Dinner was lamb chops and oven fries.

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    Small arms, guns & bazookas

    First day off today and this morning, once again my wife points out that while I have lost a lot of fat, the fat that has gone from my left arm has left behind a rather flabby bicep. I was actually feeling kind of good about having done the LHT the day before, and so flexed my right bicep for her. I have to say while no Charles Atlas, I am kind of pleased with the way it is coming along. Today was to be a move slowly day, and she was to be having lunch with a friend of hers, but that got cancelled, and so we decided to go to lunch together.

    I had the super scoff, which consists of 2 fried eggs, bacon (the english kind for you americans out there), black pudding, fried pieces of real potato and really thick toast. I left most of the potato and all of the toast on the plate. I also had a long black coffee, or what some people call a coffee americano, yeah, some people.

    After that I decided we should leave the car parked where it was and wander down to the discount store and pick up some large recycled plastic pots, so that I could plant the chilli seedlings I bought last week. The seedlings have been quite happy on the kitchen counter, and I have been taking good care of them. The weather has gone quite windy and I don’t think they would have made it if I planted them out now anyway.

    Once I schlepped the pots back to the car and home, it was time to take the dog for his walk. I like walking in a forest park on the other side of town, where I used to enjoy doing the couch to 5k runs as well. so off we went.

    Here he is trotting off down the track. I was actually feeling very energised when we got there and vaulted over the gate with a spring in my step. Woohoo!

    I have often thought that I should bring a bag or a backpack along and collect pine cones along the way, either for the open fire during winter, or the outdoor brazier during BBQs in the summer. All of the small backpacks we have at the moment are too good to get trashed on that task, so I will need to keep an eye out. for a cheapy somewhere along the way. Maybe the salvation army when I take all of my fat clothes down there.

    Dog & I wandered along the trails and I was still wondering what to do about my flabby arms. Maybe my form is just terrible when I do the push ups? It doesn’t feel like bad form. Maybe my form is terrible because of the fact that my left arm is so weak? Around this time I formed a small kernel of an idea.

    I found a tree branch that would have been a little over a metre long, and that my hand would only wrap half way around. It was quite wet, and I estimated that it would be approximately 7 kg (15 lbs). It had a few smaller spiky branches sticking out of it.

    I decided that I would carry this stick for the rest of the walk. There needed to be rules for this carry though. This was inspired somewhat by a WOW Mark posted some time ago on MDA. The rules were relatively simple. Carry the stick any way I could, but only with the left hand, and walk at least 5 km. I did stop once, only long enough to remove my sweater, since I’d worked up a good sweat, and to take this picture. I completed the 5km and while the last km or so was getting quite difficult. At one point as I was holding one of the short sticks, with the stick over my shoulder, I wondered if anyone that saw me would wonder if I was playing at toy soldiers with a pretend bazooka on my shoulders. No sooner did the thought occur and I was just about ready to charge off into the undergrowth and assault a pretend bunker. A bit like ‘Shogun’ in Boy the Movie:

    It would probably be a breach of some anti-terror law though. Full movie scene - Movies, Trailers, & Cinemas

    Go watch the movie, it’s a crack up.

    At the end of the walk, I stashed the branch by the start of the 5km section, hopefully out of the way of sniffing/pissing pooches, ready for use next time. Then I spent 20 minutes or so getting in some karate practice before class.

    Karate class was good, and thankfully the warm up did not include a beasting on the press ups.

    Dinner was steak and vegetables. Lovely.

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    Good day yesterday,
    skipped breakfast
    L: 2 poached eggs & a can of tuna
    D: chicken breast & nuked mixed veg

    Aikdio class and too much diet coke *sigh*

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    Today I slept late, so no breakfast, lunch was a vegie frittata, although it did have spuds in it too, and dinner was roast pork with vegies. Karate class was a good one too. Still need to kick the D coke. Could do with an early night and tomorrow work starts again with the night shift, need to boil up some eggs.

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    Wow, a while since an update. I had really bad sinus trouble on my 24 hr break, and basically didn't get out of bed for the whole day, that was back on Saturday. Friday afternoon the fowl house arrived, and today assembled it.

    I haven't done an LHT for a while, but I did manage to get to Tues and Weds martial arts classes, making progress there. With this ongoing sinus, I was wondering whether I may have the low carb flu, but I've been primal for months now. I was really tempted to have a big bowl of rice and potatoes with pasta just in case it was low carb flu. I was that sick of it.

    I did have plans to make the paleo buffalo wings again on the 24 hr break but didn't make it out of bed. By the time I was ready to face it after another two day shifts, the chicken still seemed ok, but had been in the fridge a good 3 days after the Best before date. Not wanting to take a chance with it, I fed it to the dog. They have different systems to us, and seem only too happy to eat days old road kill. He was in seventh heaven.

    I did get Lamb's fry (liver) and bacon & eggs for lunch on Tuesday, and today I had my usual at scoffer's cafe - bacon, 2 eggs, chorizo, black pudding, tomato, and I leave the toast and most of the hash browns (old school style) on the plate. Yesterday lunch wasn't so strict, but really the only slip was one bread roll with my quiche roast beef & salad.

    After putting the fowl house together yesterday, today I schlepped around town getting some tucker & pine shavings for them, then went out to the free range egg place to pick up some chooks. They told me that they made their last sale of live chickens on Monday and won't be selling any more until February. Typical.

    Anyhow I have sourced 4 red shaver pullets from a little further afield, and all going well I should be able to collect them tomorrow morning. Yay. Mollie gets to name them. I wanted to just call all four 'Doris' but apparently that just will not do .

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    Palais du poulet now has 4 happy occupants, and I have been somewhat of a nervous parent, constantly checking on their water consumption to make sure the water supply doesn't run out. No doubt it will work itself out and the routine of neglect will establish itself (j/k). Another cool thing about having chickens is when there are a bunch of corn kernels on the plate, it's convenient to keep them to one side 'as a treat for the chooks' :-)

    1st night shift last night and food went well. Slept soundly after work, and refreshed for the 2nd night shift. Had beef stew and mixed veg for dinner both nights. Had 1/2 a can of mixed berries and a small pot of Greek Yoghurt for dessert. The berries were unfortunately in syrup, maybe I will try frozen ones next time. I've never been much of a fan of yoghurts or cream cheeses etc, much less Greek yoghurt but thought I,d experiment with a couple of pots. I tried making sludge with the 1st pot, but didn't,t use nearly enough pb, and didn't really get the impression that more pb would have made it better.

    Really looking forward to getting my own eggs, the chickens are young pullets and won't be ready to lay for another month or so.

    It's rugby world cup final tonight and I think I'll have a few beers while I watch the game, not too many mind, since I have work at 8a the next day. Maybe I'll get some oysters or mussels for a snack too.

    Health-wise I've definitely noticed that the acne on my face is much improved, which at 41 yo is none too soon. The acne on my back however is getting pretty crappy. I also don't seem to be suffering anywhere near as much as I usually do at this time of year with hayfever or seasonal rhinitus (sp?), but this sinus drama I had last week really sucked! It is still pretty early in our hayfever season though.

    With regards to these issues I'm beginning to seriously consider some supplementation. I think during my days off this week I'll get some vit D and some zinc tabs. The vit d might help with the sun exposure over summer too, since I love being outdoors at that time of year.

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    This could take a while....

    In High school, I was the short fat chunky kid with the bad haircut. After I left high school and went to college I became the tall skinny kid with the bad acne. I didn't really worry about nutrition at all, I ate a lot of junk, but I only ate intermittently. At one place I boarded I was skinny enough that the people there nick named me 'Bones'. That was ok, I'd certainly been called a lot worse at High School.

    In my mid 20s I was doing ok, I had a fairly physical job that included mixing clays and powders into coating formulations. I would lift 25kg bags off a pallet, onto the edge of a disperser, slit the bag and dump in the contents. This would see me shift easily 3 metric tonnes in an 8 hour shift, and on a really busy day, over 10. When not doing that I would be man handling 200 litre drums of chemicals around the place. I'd lift the bags in each hand between thumb and first two fingers. I had a pretty impressive grip strength. My legs were ok, but I had a pretty good wheat/beer belly going on too.

    I was in the Navy Reserve, and despite what I was doing at work, my performance in the standardised fitness tests was pretty poor. My press ups sucked and I really struggled in the run tests, often requiring do overs. I decided I needed to do something about this, I tried doing the usual sign up for 3 months at the gym and go along for 1 month, I tried the daily jogging routine which would be lucky to last a week, before becoming the three day a week jogging routine, which would then become the couch routine.

    Then I found a book that really inspired me! It was 'The Royal Marines circuit training:
    the all-round commando fitness programme' by Robin Eggar, Dieter Loraine.

    It's based on the fitness training element of their boot camp.

    Anyone that knows much about the armed forces of the world knows that the Royal Marine Commandoes are hard bastards and well fit. The guy on the front cover looked like the shape I wanted to get into, and clearly the routines would assist with the fitness testing of the navy. The plan looked pretty doable and there was a section in there on nutrition with a large emphasis on not restricting calories but more on consuming the 'right' kinds of food. I decided that the best thing to do was to clean up my diet first, there were plenty of reccomendations and a suggested menu for day 1 goes a little like this:

    B: 2 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk, tsp of sugar/sweetener, 2 slices wholemeal toast, with margarine & marmalade, an apple or bannana

    L: Baked potato with canned tuna and cheese filling, salad without mayo, fresh fruit

    D: Spaghetti Bolognese (lean mince), low fat ice cream and fruit.

    This was great, just what I needed, I went all out for this diet, filled my pantry with potatoes, pasta and pulses, changed from raw milk to skimmed, and I was sure that as I progressed past the first couple of easy lead-in weeks of exercise, the weight would be falling off, the load on my joints would be easing up and I would be getting ripped.

    Around this time Atkins hit the big time, and I joined all the CW knockers. How could it be right? I had the wisdom of hundreds of years of tradition of the British Armed Forces on my side. Carbs are where it's at, but so-called 'carb-loading' is dangerous. This became my nutritional wisdom from then on. I got slower, fatter, changed to a desk job and blew up.

    Every time I would decide that I was too lazy, cheated too often, or was just plain meant to be fat. Over the years I would reach for that book from time to time with the thought that this time it would work and I would sustain it. Yeah right.

    Around my birthday this year (15 years later), I reached for the book again. Go Me!! I had been reading enough around the place to question the nutrition advice, but the circuit exercises were all good ones. My wife had had great results late last year doing the CW chronic cardio and bodyrock programs, so I decided to do the couch to 5k. Chronic cardio here I come!

    This time it was going to be different! I was going to stick at it, and I was going to use all of my google fu to help me. I did it! I stuck to the program and completed the couch to 5k program on the schedule I set for myself. I lost a little bit of weight and I felt great! After all of these years of on and off flirtation with the marines program I was getting bored with the circuit program, and would often stall at the same week/circuit. So I decided to google up some additional body weight exercises I could incorporate. I had also gotten bored with the 30 min jog 3 times a week routine, particularly when they closed my forest trail for logging operations for two months

    Enter the PB Fitness ebook. Free! The price I like to pay. I felt a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. I decided to take the red pill, stay in wonderland and see how far this rabbit hole goes. I got the PB book and signed up to a bunch of primal RSS feeds and read every day.

    I started primal in 1 Jul 2011, weighing 88 kg, and looking like this:

    This was after about 10 weeks of running 3 times a week, and eating a 'good CW diet'. I actually felt quite good about it, and was ok with the idea of a long slow consistent weight loss from that point on.

    Today, 15 weeks later I'm 80.7kg, have dropped 2cm around the neck and hips, 4cm around the chest and 5cm around the waist. Looking like this:

    Still have a long way to go, and still feel motivated and like it's definitely going to happen. Sure, I had pizza for lunch today, and I got a six of beer to watch the Rugby World up final tonight. Last year it would have been a case.

    Last week both my barber and a supervisor from another work area remarked on my weight loss.

    Thanks Mark, and everyone here at MDA.


    Above: All black Sonny Bill Williams created a stir with female fans when his shirt got torn during play in the early stages of the world cup.
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    You mentioned your sinus trouble a few posts back. This may not be what caused yours, but I discovered that eating corn will cause my sinuses to slam shut.
    Pay attention next time to see if it is a food reaction causing it.

    BTW, you are really making progress!! Way to go!

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    Thanks Honeybuns, I will def keep an eye on the corn in future!

    Well, we won the rugby world cup, whoop whoop! I did have the beers, and for my game snacks I had green lipped mussels and some pork skins.

    I started with the Vit D3 supplements today too. The only one I found at the market was an O-3 fish oil/D3 combo, so that can'tbe too bad either. Eventhough i's a holiday weekend I had to work, but managed to get about 20 mins outside just sitting quietly in the sun.

    B 1 HB egg, some greek yoghurt & a handful of berries
    L The usual workday can of salmon and a big assed bowl of veg
    snacks: Almonds, 2 apples and 2 HB eggs
    D Bunless burger x 2 and a few oven baked fries

    Still using the stand up desk at home too BTW, enjoy it.
    Live. Grow. Flourish.

    My Journal/story is at

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    Wow, what a day!

    I still haven't done an LHT for a while. Today was my first day off work, and we got our first (very tiny) egg from the primal chickens! Whoop whoop!

    Wifey and I took the mutt for a walk in the forest and I again carried around my big heavy branch in the left hand. I had stashed it by the start of the trail, kinda like pirate booty.

    I had bought about a pound each of Bacon bits, Sheep kidney and lamb liver. I have just lightly fried the whole lot in beef lard without seasoning and it is draining as we speak. Of course I have already trialled some and it is great!!

    OmNom Nommage!!

    Other than the tasting of the afore mentioned fry up, today's eating was a few slices of quiche and a small dark chocolate bar at lunch.

    The Vit D supplementation is going well too.
    Live. Grow. Flourish.

    My Journal/story is at

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