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Thread: I need a buddy!

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    I need a buddy!

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    Hey all!

    Bit of an intro - I'm a 22 year old female in Canada. I've always been health conscious, and always been into sports. This past year I took a real interest in my own diet habits since I always look out for the best diet for my pets. Over the summer I was doing probably... 40-60 primal to slacking off. But even then I was getting awesome results. But then fall came, I got a new job, I'm finally moving into my own place with my boyfriend and things got busy, so I fell of the wagon and my diet fell apart. Since I'm moving out tomorrow, will be buying and cooking ALL of my own foods, I really want to get on track again. But it would be so much easier with a partner to help guide and support me! My boyfriend will eat whatever I make, but he doesn't really care for following the diet completely.

    So anyone want to be either my mentor and help keep me on track or do the 30 day challenge with me and we can support each other? I'd be thinking do it through email. It would be a huge help!!! I'm starting tomorrow!!!!

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    I shall be your mentor.

    First, and most importantly you must give in.

    Give in to your Anger.

    Give in to your Dark impulses to lash out at those around you, to punish them and cause them pain.

    Give in to your feelings of Hatred... sweet, sweet Hatred... make life a living Hell On Earth for those pitiful mortal creatures who dare befoul your horizons with their insipid weakling mewlings...

    Crush them!! Grind the ooze, and gore from the fragments of their skulls between your grasping Fists.

    Revel in your Strength, and know this your Fear, and Anger, and Hatred shall make you mighty, and will bring the souls of your many victims to the every hungering maws of the Blood Godz.....

    ...Go forth! Strike Terror into your Enemies! It is good to have Enemies, for you can sever their heads form their frail sickly necks, and drink their sweet sticky Blood.

    Yes, I shall be your Mentor. And you shall be my Apprentice.

    Strike from the Shadows with no warning, and be swift to take the Vengeance I can feel burning so brightly with in your chest...

    ...and cook up some Ribeyes, because they taste awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthFriendly View Post
    Crush them!! Grind the ooze, and gore from the fragments of their skulls between your grasping Fists.
    Key step: make a broth out of this.

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    You must let go Luke, feel the Grok within you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoccerGrok View Post
    You must let go Luke, feel the Grok within you!
    "But with the blast shield down I cant see, how am I supposed to Grok?" :P

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