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Thread: Good minimalist shoe for the winter months?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
    You girls must have tiny princess feet
    more like tiny ogre feet... princess feet are narrow, right?

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    Well, mine are tiny princess feet... unless you want soft feet. Mine are tiny, narrow, dextrous, and callused.
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    Not really barefoot or minimalist but living in the Pacific Northwet I've done what most of us do in the winter, birkenstocks and heavy wool socks. We get maybe 4 or 5 days of snow a year and downpour most of the winter. The wool socks keep your feet warm and the sandals let the water drain out. If it does actually snow I will wear snow boots primarily to keep my feet warm. My boots have basically a flat sole with enough tread to keep me from landing on my butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangentrider View Post
    I can't wear vffs either, but have found Run Amoks to be nicely minimalist, warm, and (a plus for me) appropriate for work.
    These look really nice. Come in 2 sole thickness options: 2mm and 5mm. I prefer less, but for winter, maybe 5mm?

    Also: Made in the USA.

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    I've had this same question myself. I dropped a 70lb pound dumbbell on my toe about 10 years ago (while wearing sandals!) and had to have it re-attached. VFF might not fit me too well.

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