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Thread: Can you handle more coconut milk chocolate mousse?

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    Oh my goshness, this was sooooo delicious! I just tried to make this with some coconut cream and cocoa and a bit of stevia, and I didn't bother refrigerating for long; it was so good!!

    My proportions were: 200mL coconut cream (which I assume is about the same amount you'd get from the cream at the top of a refrigerated can of coconut milk), 3 T cocoa powder, and maybe about 2 T worth of sugar in sweetener.

    I almost ate the entire thing, but realized that I don't have any cream left, so I have to save some for the next time I'm craving chocolatey desserts until I can get my hands on another box of cream. WAH >_<

    Edit: Oh my goodness, ate the remains from the fridge, and it tastes soo much better! Man, gotta get some more cream this weekend
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