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Thread: Capt. Caveman says hello from Georgia

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    Capt. Caveman says hello from Georgia

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    I am fairly new to paleo, but I am loving it.
    I am mostly concerned with cardio health and feeling good. Paleo really fits my lifestyle also,
    hunting and fishing a lot.

    With a history of high cholestorol I am still waiting to see how this will affect me, in about a month.

    Nice to see so many like minded individuals fed up with all the fad diets out there and propaganda.


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    Hey neighbor! I'm working on becoming primal/paleo and live in GA, too. I just wanted to say hello.

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    Atlanta, GA
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    Welcome to both of you. We have a great Primal/Paleo Meetup group in Atlanta, join us:

    Atlanta Paleo/Primal Meetup Message Board - Atlanta Paleo/Primal Meetup (Atlanta, GA) - Meetup

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