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Thread: Protein Shakes

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    can you source the article?
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    I have a whey protein smoothie most days, for a couple of reasons. First, whey is good for the gut, as long as you have no issues digesting it. It's been shown to help promote good bacteria. Second, there are times when I don't feel like cooking and it's simple. I only use pure whey, no additives. Throw some frozen fruit, mostly strawberries, vanilla, whey powder, heavy whipping cream, a little sweetener of choice and blend it up in the food processor. I use this one and if you order here it's cheaper than in the store. It blends really well, good flavor, etc . . . Natural Factors - Whey Factors Powder Drink Mix Unflavored - 2LB: Health & Personal Care

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotchncoffee View Post
    For bulk orders you can get a decent deal from the website true protein. I think my whey concentrate was roughly $7 per pound. You definitely don't need protein shakes or powders for optimum health, though. Mostly those things are designed for athletes and body builders.
    I too am a big fan of TrueProtein

    Prices are cheaper than buying retail, and their options to mix your own quality protein powder/fitness supplement from raw ingredients are unlike anything I've seen before. No sense paying $20 per pound for dubious powders advertised by some freak on steroids when you could get your own mix of 30% Whey Isolate, 30% Milk Protein Isolate & 30% Medium Chain Triglycerides for like half that, either unflavored/unsweetened or like 40 options for flavor/sweeteners including "natural" flavors

    Oh, and their non-dairy proteins are quite unusual (Beef Protein Isolate, whole egg/egg white protein, hemp protein, non-GMO rice & Gemma Pea proteins)
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