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    what do you guys think of this experiment?

    BBC - How to be Slim Part 3/6 - YouTube

    Starts about 3:00 minutes in, researchers in Denmark found that calcium in milk products binds to fat causing the body to be unable to absoarb it. It's excreted in the feces...

    This is interesting to me, i like milk and would like to include more of it in my diet but i've heard bad things about it in reguards to weight loss ASIDE from the nasties added to it that might make some of us avoid milk products...

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    at the end he says something to the effect of not increasing your calories. Also it doesn't show whether or not the excretion of fat in the feces resulted in reduced body fat in the individual but then again I didn't watch the rest of the series. Lastly I think there's a significant digestive difference between cultured and aged dairy vs pasteurized milk (which I assume they're recommending along with cheese and yogurt).
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