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Thread: Mark's Primal Fuel

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    I recently discovered that, given my activity level, I was probably getting 50-60% of the protein my body actually needed. And there is no way I could, or would, eat enough protein-rich food to reach my needed level. My spouse ordered some of Mark's "Primal Fuel"...and I decided to try it.

    I love this stuff, but more interestingly I discovered that my protein shortfall had been doing some subtle, and not necessarily good, things to my body. The first time or two I drank it, I felt strangely light-headed after...but discovered it was not due the the drink, but a mild virus I picked up, and promptly defeated. Since then, I've only noticed positive effects - calmer, more level, moods...more even energy throughout the day...stuff like that...

    I know there are cheaper alternatives, but Mark's protein drink tastes great and really has benefitted me, so cost isn't a consideration. We spend more than what a month's supply costs just going out to a dinner (which often doesn't lead to feeling great the next day!).

    Just curious if there are other Primal Fuel fans out there...and are your experiences similar? Thanks!
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