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Thread: Baked Goods

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    I have seen through a lot of blogs on paleo/primal some recipes I would love to make that involve coconut flour and almond flour. Things like muffins/pancakes/etc... I know things like that should be a moderation type of thing I am assuming, but how often is it okay to eat those things. I am good with my eggs and bacon every morning for breakfast but I don't always feel like making it and it would be nice to have some things like pancakes in the freezer that just need to be heated up. Is coconut flour better than almond flour (health wise?). I just want to make sure if I make these things I don't go overboard.

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    It really depends on you and your goals. If you're as lean as you want to be and quite active, then carby treats shouldn't be a big deal especially on your really active days. I'd still want to be moderate with the nut flours, though, since they tend to be high in omega 6. If you're trying to lose fat, then I'd regard them as rare treats.

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    I like those pumpkin muffins from the recipe book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dado View Post
    I like those pumpkin muffins from the recipe book.
    Me too!! especially with chocolate chips mmm. and it is getting to that time of year again to have them!

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