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Thread: Food for cycling - Help!

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    I fell off the primal wagon this week as my triathlon training picked up. I am having trouble on cycling days with huge carb cravings. I tried fruit and coconut pancakes etc but it just doesn't satisfy. My body is stuck at craving starchy carbs.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    I thought of making up a bike trail mix that I could eat on the ride; nuts, dried fruit, coconut flakes and jerky. Has anyone already done this and found a good mixture that works?

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    I went zero carb, meat only for a summer (4+ months) of mountain bike racing and road riding, 4-7+ hour events. Run on the fat you have on board (even the leanest person has pretty good fat calories, you just have to make them available by lowering insulin), and carry some hardboiled eggs, bacon, pemmican and such for during the event.

    After that, hitting 20-40g of carbs a day is a huge luxury, and is certainly enough for the most aggressive efforts. I'd suggest LOWERING carbs yet even more, try that extreme.

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    I go with jerky, nuts and dried fruit. Works for me just fine on rides up to a century.

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    Try baked or steamed sweet potatoes. After cooking, mash them up and slather with almond butter and a touch of sea salt. Its delicious and a great way for athletes to add complex carbs to there diet during training days. Plus, they have a lower effect on insulin levels and offer more than your daily value of Vitamin A.

    I like to cut them in half, wrap each half in foil and bake on a baking sheet for 60 minutes @ 350 (or until soft). Eat one fresh out of the oven and then store the rest in the fridge for up to a week to heat up for later.

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    Thanks everyone, I won't try everything at once

    I'll start with bike mix, and make sure that I have a high protein meal as soon as I can afterwards.

    Maybe I'm overdosing on fruit and that is causing the craving. I always seem to be hungry at the moment.

    Ok, deep breath, and primal restart...

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