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Thread: Candian's and Raw Milk. Doesn't look like it's ever going to change.....

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    It's about big business and government control and NOTHING about what is healthier.

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    I saw this, definitely sad. I have a hard time seeing how you can justify it when people are perfectly aware of the supposed risks and are actively seeking out raw milk as an alternative.

    Stuff like this scares me, not that I even drink raw milk but it just makes you wonder what's next...

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    I'd just like to know: if raw milk is sooo bad for human consumption, what the heck did the humans do before pasteurization?? Did they all get sick? Was there chronic mass illness?

    Or maybe, those little microbes found in unpasteurized milk actually helped humans fight other, worse diseases...?

    Most of what our governments have told us about what is "healthy" has only led us down a dark, and darker, path of dis-ease. Funny, as though they're trying to keep us dis-eased, and keep us going to the doctors and taking pills... Like, maybe, it's a big conspiracy...!

    I'm trying not to be too paranoid, but sometimes it just feels so blatant.

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