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Thread: Cream in coffee? (IF question)

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    Cream in coffee? (IF question)

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    What do you all think about having full-fat cream in your coffee during the fast? Do you think it'll be enough to break it if it's only a couple tablespoons?

    I LOVE coffee, but I just can't drink it black. I've tried different variations with lighter alternatives (almond milk, coconut milk, etc) but I just can't stomach those.

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    I say go for it! full fat cream is tasty in coffee- you may even try scraping some vanilla bean pods and placing in the cream whip for a few seconds to blend and walla! vanilla creamer- I do this with coconut milk too-

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    i have one teaspoon in my coffee (one in the morning and another in the afternoon), too. calorie-wise,it doesn't make a difference. but i'm not so sure metabolically. it really helps with that light-headedness that i can feel while IF-ing.

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