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    Smile Newbie with candida, FMS/CFS, etc

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    I'm new here, but have been trying to follow a low-carb diet for a while due to candida issues (and other health issues, like heavy metals, digestive issues, gastroparesis, fibromyalgia/CFS, etc...and I'm only 25. Ugh).

    I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the "fat will not make you fat" concept, but it makes sense if a person is not eating much in terms of carbs.

    I just started using coconut oil...delish!

    Would u recommend i buy Mark's books? I cannot afford all 3, so which would help me out the most? And how are the two cookbook different?

    Lastly, has anyone struggled with CANDIDA/metals and found that this diet helped? I would love to see some sample food logs as well as how u treated your candida/metals.

    Here is what I am currently eating...remember, I am new to this, so I am open to suggestions! (BTW, I am underweight and would love to put on 15 pounds--muscle please! I used to be an athlete, but my health took a nose dive and the weight came off, along with my muscle.)

    1. veggie juice
    1 rice cake + 1 TB almond butter + 2 TB rice protein

    2. Stir fry (3oz chicken breast, steamed veggies, 1/2TB coconut oil, a few TBs of homemade avocado/pea "guacamole" + kelp, cayenne, black pepper, sea salt)

    3. 1 rice cake + 1 TB almond Butter + 2 TB rice protein

    4. 2 soft boiled eggs (maybe more veggie juice)

    5. Same stir fry as above

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    That food regimen looks like a weight loss diet. You need more food. Meat, nuts, a variety of veggies. Why the rice cakes?

    Get the cookbook.
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    All the candida protocols I've ever done have been pretty much primal. I agree that you need to eat more food.

    Eat a veggie full omelet for breakfast.
    You won't need a snack.
    Then for breakfast, have a big salad with chicken or fish, avacado, nuts, etc.
    Eat an apple if you even need a snack. (I find that I don't need snacks much any more. Or I just eat and apple and pop some nuts.)
    A good rule for dinner is meat/fish plus three veggies.

    This plan is pretty much candida free. I also struggle with similar issues and find that beef and nightshades exacerbate my aches. Experiement!

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