O.K. Firstly I'm not some wackey woman with phsycological problems. the last time I went to my doc was 3 years ago! I'm not a hyperchondriac.
I work away from home. I have a yacht charter business, so its clean living often away from 21c echnology. I sleep really well. Sometimes I have to sleep in my van whilst away and I sleep realy well in that too.
I come home and Bang its insomnia and I begin to suffer badly, vague headache,sleep3 hours anight of broken sleep. I bought earplugs, eye covers, don't eat after 6pm,
Whats wrong... I'm begining to suspect that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is the culprit.
The van is a farady cage to all intents and purposes. where I park it has no phone sigmal. In fact all my prefered spots don't have one. TWhen I'm out skippering its very remote, little electricity on a 12v sytem. I don't use marinas.

O.K Mark I'd like some more info EHS, I'm a sceptic and finding it hard to sort through the good, bad and scary stuff. Can you do a peice on it?