I was operated on for a brain tumour i was born with and my surgeon, who is one of the top brain surgeons in the world strongly believes there is a coleration betwen EMR and brain tumours. Apparently he has noticed an increase in tumours right near the ear and when he asks his patients which ear they hold their mobiles next to, it's often the same side where the tumour is. He only uses his mobile on speaker and won't allow his kids to have a mobiles (since their skull are thin and not fully developed). As well as this there has been a huge rise in brain tumours- which I think corresponds to mobile phone use and general increase of EMR.
This man spends around 16 hours a day performing brain surgery, so I definitely trust his opinion (Dr Charlie Teo in Australia btw)
Also in Australia, a few radio presenters have recently died from brain cancers. Coinidence?