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Thread: Primal Spinach Bread

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    Primal Spinach Bread

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    Just wondering how long you all think this bread would last before going bad. I don't cook much but this seems fairly simple, though I don't think I'd eat it all in one day or even in two days. Any ideas? Should I put it in the fridge? About to attempt it for the first time tomorrow

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    It's just egg and spinach, right? Should be good for a week or so.
    I've made this a few times, but it didn't survive long enough to say how long it would 'last' in the fridge.
    I do make similar in a muffin size though, and cook up 30 or so in a go that I then eat over a week and I've had no problem with them lasting.

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    Awesome! Thanks a lot for the reply

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    You probably can freeze these to last longer, too.

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