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Thread: How much protein/fat/carbs???

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    How much protein/fat/carbs???

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    Just logged my food intake into Sparkpeople and got the following results
    Fat 50%; Protien and Carbs 25%. My calories for today were way under as well. Help!!! I have gained weight too. Am I consuming too much fat and not enough protien? Is fat making me fat?! I can't seem to get this right.....I have cut out all sugar, all grains, legumes and most fruit and dairy. What am I doing wrong? I did have a small piece of bday cake two days ago for my twins birthday....would that throw me way off course? I did keep me up all night with a sugar high!

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    Different people have different macros. By calories, I usually end up about 1/3 for each, but I eat on the high side of carbs around here and I am not looking at losing weight. Don't panic, but track yourself for a few days, read up about what Mark says and decide what tweaks seem the most sensible then. Look at the primal blueprint 101 page - it has tons of links to a lot of useful blog posts, and it is well organized.

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