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Thread: Crunchy Knee

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    Good to know!

    I'm 35; was really hoping this might clear up, as sitting on my tuckus and resting it only seems to make things worse. I used to be a speedskater, many years ago, and figured that might have done a number on it.

    Thanks, all!

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    My friend you are 6'8" I am 6'7" with cracky knees since the 7th grade. We have something in common.

    For me when i hit my growth spurt and skyrocketed the growth plates around my knees grew at differnt rates. As a result my knee caps glide insted of vertical at a slight angle thus irritating the tissue behind it. This was painful.

    Long story short I gave up football and wrestling because of the pain. Started powerlifting and as soon as the muscle built up in my knees no more pain and minimal cracking.

    I would bet your knee caps glide at a slight angle too.. Strengthen my friend

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    Going for a moderate bike ride stops my crunch for a good 3 days

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    Stoked to have read this thread. I'm 31 and have recently noticed really crunchy knees during squats after coming back to weight training after a couple of years couch-surfing and eating my bodyweight in smiths chips on a regular basis. Fingers crossed I can kill the crunch too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by talldean View Post
    So, my girlfriend convinced me to go primal. So far, so good; been going for the diet for about a month, and just starting to work in some exercise.

    I'm about 220 lbs, 6'8", and my right knee crackles whenever I put weight on it while bent; squatting, sitting, climbing stairs, whatever.

    Question: think it'll get better? Worse? Go easy at first?

    Suggestions are welcome. :-)
    Sounds like crepitus. It will get worse, but is generally zero impact, does it hurt or cause locking? If so, see a doc.
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    I definitely feel better reading this, all this time I thought I had cartilage damage or something like that. I would keep it to myself and privately pray it holds up. But now I see it's a very minor nuisance and nothing more. And it can go away!

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