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Thread: canned veggies

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    canned veggies

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    ive had a look around the forums but couldnt find a post pulling all my questions together. appologies if i missed it!

    obviously fresh is best, but with the hours i work now sometimes its not always easy for me to get the the grocery store to buy fresh vegetables, so i was wondering: is canned tomatoes and spinach acceptable?

    also, even though they arent considered primal, i loooove grean peas and beans, and dont think i could ever give them up, but is eating the canned variety a huge step backward?

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    Canned tomatoes aren't bad (although I don't eat tomatoes). However, all other veggies are awful in canned form. Why don't you buy frozen instead? Vegetables are often frozen much closer to harvesting and can actually be 'fresher' than the fresh in your supermarket (depending on the source).

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    the majority of the veggies i eat are frozen (spinach is a big chunk of it) you get more for less cost than canned. i get canned artichoke hearts tho, the price is a little higher than 1 artichoke but you get like 4 hearts

    canned tomatoes, when i get them, are the 'all natural no preservatives canned with unicorn pee' type
    yeah you are

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    I appreciate your time crunch! I go for frozen as well. They are much tastier than canned and still convenient. This article I found has more info on the benefits of frozen vegetables and fruits (even over fresh).

    Are Fresh Vegetables & Fruits Better Than Frozen?

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