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Thread: about quinoa, millet, amaranth

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    about quinoa, millet, amaranth

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    can you please tell me if its healthy to eat non grain seeds like amaranth, quinoa, millet, amaranth, etc, which are not strictly grains?
    what type of yoghurt is good?

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    I actually thought quinoa was a grain... -shrugs-

    as for yogurt, some people here will say greek yogurt is the best, and it's true, but if you can't get any or don't have any, regular yoplait or store brand is fine. Just stay away from the yogurts targeted towards kids, those have more sugar in them.

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    Quinoa is a seed- a seed I happen to like occasionally.

    I know Mark has written on quinoa and wild rice, somewhere...

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    Yogurt I would recommend plain and full fat, ideally organic.
    I either get Yogurt Jersey Milk yogurt
    Seven Stars Farm - Biodynamic Certified Organic Yogurt, PA Plain Yogurt. Both are available at my nearest whole foods.
    I will also get Stonyfield Plain (full fat of course) which is available at my local grocer.

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