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Thread: using a pressure cooker for bone broth?

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    using a pressure cooker for bone broth?

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    I'm new to making broth. Due to limitations in my kitchen, it's not practical for me to simmer broth for hours on end. So I used a pressure cooker-- I put a handful of bones with maybe 8 cups of water for 4 whistles. The broth was very dark but tasty. I saved the bones and cooked them again in the pressure cooker. I still got some broth, not as dark as the previous day, but still tasty (I drink it). I have no idea what I'm doing though, looking for some tips??

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    Pressure cookers will almost halve the time necessary to make a good broth/stock. Also, the smaller you can break the bones (or any added vegetables), the greater the surface area will be and so the stock will form more quickly.

    And as usual with stocks, you never want it to reach a boil (the bubbling clouds the stock), so let your pressure cooker cool down before you vent/open it.

    Depending on whether you want a white stock or a brown stock, you can roast the meat/bones first (for a brown stock).
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