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    So i just picked up a pair of the Merrel Trail Gloves shoes and I'm noticing a problem that hopefully someone can help with. I have tried them twice now both without socks and each time I've noticed after a few minutes that the balls of both feet hurt. When I take off the shoes I notice that the skins has split. Either I'm getting blisters that then break open or the skin is merely being pulled off. I suppose I could were socks but it seems that from what I've read on here and other sites that most people wear the minimalist shoes without. Am I do something wrong or do I just need to toughen my feet up some. I am forefoot striking as I've seen in videos online. Anyone with any ideas will be appreciated.

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    Try putting moleskin in the bottom of the shoe. Or on your foot. Or just wear sox and forget about what other people do.

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    I just picked up a pair (true gloves actually) myself, but decided from the beginning to wear socks with them. I don't want them to smell like my Vibrams did. I'm wearing Balega Hidden Comfort which are great (I love Balega). I may try the Hidden Dry which are supposed to be even thinner.

    My problem, however, is that the shoes chafe the skin over my achilles tendon, and after doing some sprinting in 'em yesterday, I got a big nasty blister on my right achilles tendon. I can only hope that my skin will toughen up and this will not continue to happen.


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