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Thread: PHYTONUTRIENTS? *They don't seem so great*

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    PHYTONUTRIENTS? *They don't seem so great*

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    Phthalates are bad for you and nutrient robbing. I also know there are chemicals in most plants that are natural pesticides and when ingested cause harm. Phytonutrients are refered to as aspects of the plant that help it resist insect damage and disease. This sounds like something I wouldn't want to ingest. Carotene doesn't even readily convert into Vitamin A, so why eat it! I always feel better when I keep my vegetables to a minimum and since it's possible to eat a zero carb diet, there's no need for them anyways. I do eat fruit and vegetables in moderation. I couldn't find a single source that didn't praise phytonutrients as a miracle food with no side effects. Help?

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    I had recently been eating pure bakers chocolate (no sugar, just cocoa), and I actually enjoyed it. It's very high in things like Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, and Copper.

    But then I found out they were high in phytoestrogens. Some sources say some phytoestrogens are actually anti-estrogenic, while other studies have found them to reduce testosterone levels.

    I'm a bit torn on the subject. There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer.

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    Phytochemicals are a mixed bag. Carotenes and carotenoids are good, it's true they don't convert to retinol efficiently, but they have some other benefits in their plant forms too. In Chris Masterjohn's AHS talk he mentioned polyphenols in fruit and vegetables are good for you because you they are a toxin that humans have adapted to really well and stimulate anti-oxidant production. Many flavanols are somewhat bad, such as the tannins, isoflavones and cyanide like compounds, although some seem neutral. I also hate it when nutritionists just say phytochemicals this, phytochemicals that, without ever specifying which phytochemical and how it's good.

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