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Thread: Pastured Websites and Tips???

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    Pastured Websites and Tips???

    I went on a little armchair hunt today, looking up all of the brands of meats online that are sold at our local food co-op where we shop. I was surprised to learn that most of what I buy isn't pastured, only the eggs. Dammit.

    I don't have a large freezer and there aren't any pasture fed ranches in my town so it looks like the next best option is to try and purchase as much dry-good type pastured items online as I can.

    I'm thinking of buying lean meats at my local store and then supplement with pastured rendered tallow, for instance. Where can I buy pastured suet online to make beef tallow? And since I can't find pastured beef, where can I purchase pastured pemmican online?

    Is there a resource like this already here on the boards for people who are trying to supplement their conventional meats in this way? We are on a budget, mind you, so we need reasonably priced items.

    Also, any other tips for folks who can't get pastured items near home is greatly appreciated. How do you get around this, is there any hope?
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