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Thread: Adrenal Fatigue Supplement List

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    Adrenal Fatigue Supplement List

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiken3712 View Post
    So I'm thinking about buying a few different supplements for Adrenal Issues online to see if anything will help me. Can someone list the important ones and list sources online and/or brand names I can look for? I'd like ones that don't include soy and other bad things if possible. I'd like to see if Melatonin helps as well as 5-HTP.

    Any tips on when I should take them and how much are great appreciated as well.
    Also I'd like to hear other peoples take on the salt issue...I've read a few places it has to be Sea Salt...others that it has to be a specific type of salt...can't remember the names that were also types of sea salt but more specific I think.

    Why does salt help and is this why it can't be just any salt? I've been feeling the need to drink more lately and so I've been trying to drink a bit of warm water in salt in the morning as part of my attempt to feel better.

    Ideally I would do all this through diet I know the supplements are just until I can figure out the eating a bit better.

    Thanks for input
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    sea salt has a lot more essential minerals in it.

    vit c
    vit b complex
    magnesium oil
    ashwaghadia (sp?)

    a step up is

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    I hear Maca is good for the adrenals..... and lots of quality sleep!
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