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Thread: Vitamin C and CVD

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    Have you guys read this theory piece on vitamin C and CVD?

    Kind of blowing my mind. Does it seem reasonable to you guys? Any qualified biologists who can interpret and verify this? Anyone know of any related material about the relationship between Vitamin C and CVD? any good reviews of this theory out there on the net?


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    Vitamin C was all the rage some years ago and was touted to be able to cure all sorts of diseases, unfortunately it did not live up to the task.

    I believe the guy who wrote that paper, linus pauling, won a nobel prize for his reasearch on vitamins?

    Vitamin K2 seems to be able to have a significant effect on heart disease, and vitamin D seems to have an effect on all sorts of diseases.

    Though some extra vitamin C couldn't hurt, I don't think it's gonna save your life

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