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Thread: Pull-ups solution

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    Pull-ups solution

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    I've spent quite some time thinking how to work pull-ups. I've tried closet door frames- they creak under my weight and I weigh 115.

    No branches- we have super tall pines around the house.

    Can't do the shower curtain rod, it's plastic and it bends.

    Can't do a bar that screws into the walls, we have minimal studs, it would just pull out of the dry wall.

    I thought about a pull-up bar that hooks over door frames, one got good reviews on Amazon but my husband said it won't work. He's worried about the whole frame being destroyed. Anyone tried it?

    Are there any exercises one can do that replicate what you would get from lifting your weight in a pull-up?

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    I can't speak for your doorframe, but I have a pullup bar in mine. It's stable and only puts a few small holes in the doorframe that could easily be fixed if needed. Alternatively you could go to a playground and use the monkeybars ... or your husband could get a stable bar, hold it above his rest, you could do a pullup on this bar and he would resist your weight+movement.

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    Inverted rows hanging under a table are good. Just not the same though. or on Facebook here

    My training journal if anyone is interested

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    I've used an Iron Gym for a little over two years now. Hung it in the doorway to my living room and just left it there, typically using it three times a day. $30 at Target. The handgrips have suffered enough wear and tear that I may have to replace it soon, but the doorframe has never complained. And my house is a modest little wood-framed, sheetrock-walled structure built in the early 1960s that has definitely seen better days. YMMV, of course, but I've had good luck with it.

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    I've had an iron gym style pull up bar for probably close to 15 years. It's had times of use and... years of not use... but it's still going strong. I do need to get some new grips for it, but figure I can get those from a bike shop or something. Just looking on line, it seems like you can get one for about $20.

    I did have a problem in an apartment recently where the size of the door casing (old 1920's building, very big casing) meant the bar would not fit.

    Some dude on youtube gives a good review of the good features and a couple drawbacks here.
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    I've bought a pullup bar that you simply screw around to extend and it holds itself in my doorframe with no nuts or bolts or w/e and I could take it down anytime. I'm almost 200 pounds and it has yet to fall down or anything, and my door frame hasn't taken damage (it is fairly strong though).

    I've also sucessfully done pullups on the door itself, opening it and putting a solid book under it to support it and hanging from the top of the door (with a towel on top so the edges don't mess up my hands).

    You can also do towel pullups by tying a knot in the middle of a towel, putting the towel over the door with the knot on one side of the door and the ends on the other and then closing the door shut. Hold on to the ends of the towel and perform pullups (these are going to be much harder on the grip which may be the limiting factor).

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    I have an Iron Gym style pullup bar. I weight 213-215, down from 241 last January. Even at that higher weight there was absolutely no problem with the door frames/moldings. The price was good - maybe $28 at Walmart. I am extremely happy with it. And having it in the spare bedroom doorway, I can "grease the groove" pretty easily throughout the day. Win-win!


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    Oh that's a good idea- putting books under a door to support it. Tried doing pull ups on the door and of course it started creaking, didn't want to destroy the hinges.

    I never thought to check Target for a pull up bar- at least I could return it easily if it didn't work well. I didn't want to purchase from Amazon and have it be a waste, deal with return shipping and such.

    I like the idea of a pull up bar in a door way because I can just try a few pull ups here and there as the mood suits me.

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    Hey his door and door frame (in the Youtube video) is exactly the same as ours.

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