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Thread: Sugar and insomnia?

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    Sugar and insomnia?

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    Hi everyone,

    So for years I have had the peculiar habit of only being able to sleep a few hours after a long night of partying. Often, this is preceeded by drinking more than a glass of alcohol and proceeded by intense early-morning sessions of house cleaning. 99% of the time, I will go to bed at 4am or 5am, and jump out of bed wide awake no later than 8am while the rest of my friends slept until well past noon. I physically feel tired but my heart is pounding so hard and so fast that sleep is impossible and the only way to calm down is to not sit still.

    Lately, since going primal I have dramatically cut down the alcohol consumption. And have noticed two things: 1) eating any kind of sugar before going to bed still has this effect on me, 2) when I do get these insomnia episodes it is often (8/10 times) accompanied by gas and bloating.

    This makes me believe that my peculiar habit is digestion related-especially given that many alcoholic drinks have plenty of sugar in them.

    Is there any research or resources on this? And does this mean I have some form of sugar (rather than wheat) intolerance?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's the sugar spiking your blood glucose and then later dropping it back down to a low level, then cortisol is released to increase blood glucose which explains why you wake up stressed. The gas and bloating could be a result of cortisol triggering the sympathetic nervous system which inhibits digestion, therefore the sugars go to the bacteria instead being absorbed, the bacteria ferment the sugars, which causes gas and bloating if this happens in the small intestine.

    If you stick with Primal you'll become more fat adapted and this problem should go away (because your stored body fat will be used instead). By partying and staying up late your going to increase cortisol anyway. You should also not eat an hour before going to bed.

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