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Thread: Vegetarian thinking about going primal

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    Don't bother.

    We don't need you.

    Stay vegetarian.

    You'll be happier.

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    I second the digestive enzymes, especially one like Betaine HCl with Pepsin, that is a big one for helping digest protein and fat.

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    I second the idea of only eating the cleanest meat source you can. You may be reacting to an number of chemicals that are pumped into conventional meat these days - antibiotics, sugars, ammonia, etc.

    You could also consider just adding in bone broth to your diet to start. A veggie soup that is made with stock from pastured chicken bones that are slow cooked would provide you with lots of additional nutrients in a way that should not bother your stomach. Start slowly with soups and broths to give your body time to start making the enzymes, etc necessary for good digestion.

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    I was vegan for over 3 years. I did it because it was supposed to help my diabetes; then I started getting into animal protection causes (I still refuse to say 'animal rights'). I lost about 30 lbs, but it took forever and I am still overweight. My blood sugar was rarely in good limits. Every diabetic understands carbs and blood sugar and at some point you just have to look at your blood work and realize that all the carbs that a vegan eats just aren't helping.

    Philosophically, I don't like eating meat. I wish I didn't eat it, but I have to do what I need to do for my health. I have had relatives and family friends die from diabetes complications and I am trying not to be one of them. I simply can't eat what some 20 yr old, non-diabetic vegan can eat and be healthy.

    As for eating meat again, let's just say that bacon is back! I missed it. I also realized that I was eating a lot of processed vegan/veggie foods. If I called myself concerned enough about food to be vegan, then I should have been concerned enough to not eat the fake foods, but they can be tasty and convenient when you have to make most of your own food all the time. Now, most of my food is natural. And, considering how much I was spending on fake foods, going primal has actually reduced my food budget.

    Try a few things - maybe you will do better with pork than red meat - and see how you do. You can always go back to vegetarianism if you wish.

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