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Thread: Expanding My Cooking Repertoire

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    Expanding My Cooking Repertoire

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    Hi all!

    I've been starting to cook on my own more often lately. I've got down the basic meat, veggies, coconut oil/butter, type meals but am looking to learn more about how to combine spices. I often use the pre-made mixed spices you see in stores. I thought it might be cool to compile some sort of basic spice list for different types of cuisines. So for each type of cuisine, i.e. Mexican, Greek, Indian, Thai, etc. what are the 2-3 main spices or flavours. I know there is tons of variations and such but I'm just looking for the bare bones. Basically, ethnic cooking for dummies

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    Best bet is to try a few cookbooks with the cuisines you prefer. Once you have made a few things multiple times you can experiment with adding more or less of certain herbs/spices. You'll learn what you like. Get a few different things and try them out. Learn by experience.
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