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    What a ridiculous statement, but, it's true with me. Why? Protein and fat consumption keeps my hunger pains at bay! So, I eat when I don't feel hungry if its been 6 hours or so, making sure I eat enough food to sustain a healthy body. When fasting I don't feel very hungry either. I fasted 24 hours, recently, and was surprised how my appetite wasn't too strong.

    Anybody else have the same results?

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    That's the beauty of this eating plan! It's so nice to not be hungry all the time!!!! Keep your vitamins going and eat when you get hungry. Your body will let you know. Lift some weights, your body will eventually say "feed me now!" We've been so hammered with CW that we then think we must eat as such and such time. But the reality is we don't have to now. Grok didn't eat that way. I love the freedom of eating when I need to and not being a slave to my insulin response telling me to eat NOW! Grok on David!

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    What g2baker said. You will know. Going 15-24 hours without food isn't as hard as we've been led to believe.

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