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    The dosing on the bottle says twice daily or at bedtime as 5htp may induce drowsiness. Also warning not to drive, operate heavy machinery, drink alcohol.

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    You can get 5-HTP without valerian. I take it for mild anxiety, and I get mine from Vitamin Shoppe.

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    My bottle says 3x a day with meals, it does have a warning that it may induce drowsiness, etc. I kindda like this particular form. I think I will experiemnt with 2 pills at bedtime, and check out into L-tyrosine next time I am grocery-shopping

    Unfortunately, still no effect on fruit cravings
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    I makes me sleepy too, but it sure does work to suppress my appetite and cuts the sugar cravings. I have to take it with a cup of coffee and some tyrosine. I take after lunch and another before bed.

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    Def don't take 5HTP; it is the precursor to serotonin and melatonin which are bad:
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    I strongly disagree with the above post. My personal experience does not reflect that Ray Peat's conclusions have any bearing in reality.

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    Check out Julia Ross' The Mood Cure for more information. It's a little outdated (5-htp is easy to get online nowadays), but the content is excellent.
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