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    Who works out fasted?

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    Not sure if this belongs here or in nutrition, I think it could go either way. My question isn't about health benefits though, it's about performance so I'll ask here. I'm eager to try IF and I usually lift in the afternoon but... My schedule forces me to squat heavy in the morning one day a week (Dan John's OLAD). I can't do a different lift on that day and I'm worried about not getting a solid breakfast in beforehand. For those of you that lift fasted, do you find it affects your performance, either negatively or positively?

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    My "lift heavy things" happens twice a week. On one of the days I have not eaten in about 22-23 hours and I honestly haven't been able to tell a difference.

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    It's all mental, don't go into it with the mentality that lack of breakfast will affect performance, go into it knowing you're going to move that weight. I would advise a higher carb meal the night before, but that's about it.

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    I first lifted after eating breakfast, then with a scoup of whey stretched throught the workout, and lastly on the cup of coffee. I did it 3x a week, and was happy. Now, my schedule changed (after about 1.5 years of lifting 2 days at 5:30 am and 1 day - at 7 am), and I lift at 3 different times.
    Sunday: 7 am (coffee)
    Tuesday or Wed: ~ 4-5 pm eating a big lunch ~ 1-2 hoursbeforehand
    Friday: 1 to 2 pm light meal beforehand

    This Friday I did not have to deal with scheduling changes, so I lifted at 5:30 am, like before the schedule changed, and boy, was it a pleasure!!!
    I am a morning person, get up at 4 am, so this imo defines it far more than fasted state. Funnily enough 1 to 2 pm workout is harder for me than 4 to 5 pm one.

    With one exception: lifting fasted is fine, but lifting starved is plain DANGEROUS for me. I got shaky, and very weak and dizzy. Hunger tends to disoreint me.
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    I've been lifting fasted for something like a year now. If anything, I think my performance is better when I'm fasted. If you've eaten a good meal within the past 24 hours, you should be fine.

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    Well considering squatting on a full stomach makes me nauseous, yes I've done fasted squatting. Just deloaded from 320lbs to 205lbs to work on getting below parallel. Performance is NOT an issue.
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    I do. Absolutely love it. Quit eating before 8pm, train at 4am then I don't break the fast until noon. My "feeding" comes from Xtend BCAA's (LeanGains protocol) to avoid muscle loss.

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    I think you'll be fine.

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    I cant believe how much more enjoyable I prefer working out in fasted state, it feels so much better, at first I too thought it would be hard, but its all in your mind

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    I tend to prefer to lift or train on a fairly empty stomach. I think it's the smart thing to do.

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