Hi there. New to primal (about 5 days in) and enjoying it!

About a month ago I started getting really bad acid reflux, indigestion, and bloating and it felt like my stomach was up in my throat 24 hrs a day. I was completely miserable - but didn't want to go to the doc and get a prescription. I knew I wanted to take care of it myself. I started to wonder if I had a gluten intolerance? - I had stopped most dairy about 5 years ago after a similar bout. With a little research (it's my job ) I landed here on MDA on monday 9/19. That day, I had had my regular breakfast of oatmeal and acid reflux. Ugh - I felt too icky to eat much more than 1/2 a salad for lunch, but the kicker is this: after reading about Primal that day, for dinner I only had the chicken breast and broccoli and let the boys eat the fettuccine (homemade, it was torture not to eat it!) by 10pm, the acid reflux was completely gone, my throat no longer ached and I was sure I was going to get a good night's sleep. I have not had more than 50g of carbs a day since then.

So - since then eating pretty primal, meat and veggies, eggs and a little cheese. And I feel amazing.
The only times I've had a little acid reflux is after a diet coke two days ago.

Is it too early to experiment with carbs? I realize i'm probably pretty low carb yet so last night with my salmon and greens I had a few of the roasted potatos - probably only 1/2 a medium/small potato as an experiment to see what would happen. I feel a little refluxy today, but that could be the black coffee too.

me: 40 yo, foody, craft beer afficianado, healthy weight and very active (love to run fast and lift heavy things! lol) looking for a way to be healthier and calm down the digestion issues I've had recently.

I'm a research scientist and constantly experimenting on myself so this should definitely be enlightening as I find the best way to eat for my body!