I usually wouldn't mention a specific product, but I just wanted to tell all you primal moms/dads out there that if you're looking for a good probiotic for kids, I have one.

My daughter's holistic pediatrician (MD) recommended these: Garden of Life RAW probiotics for kids.

Mind you, she had been on high quality ones before that (HMF Intensive, Culturelle, others) but none of them helped her immune system and she had repeated ear infections, even with tubes.

Since starting these new probiotics, she has not had an ear infection, even with the start of 2 colds (before, she'd get a cold and ALWAYS get an ear infection). And her colds now last 1-2 days instead of 5-6 with another week of coughing. It's amazing.

I just wanted to share. Obviously I have no vested interest in that company, but I just wanted to tell you that they work very well and my daughter says they're "yummy." She actually sucks them off of the spoon or she opens her mouth and I dump them in.